Expanded: Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge


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Updated Date: May 8, 2011

Boy Scout Troop 9, Wilmette

Steven Bucksbaum, Merit Badge Counselor


What is needed to earn the Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge


Requirements Work Sheet:  Citizenship-in-the-Community.pdf

Debate Form for taking Notes: DebateNotesForm.doc and DebateNotesForm.pdf

Receipt for Volunteer Work. Have this signed and show it to your counselor: CinCVolunteerWorkReceipt.doc and CinCVolunteerWorkReceipt.pdf   Make as many copies as needed.

Merit Badge Requirements:

1.      Discuss what Citizenship in the Community means. Write Answers from Merit Badge Book

2.      Create a Map of Wilmette (print provided images or buy a map of the village of Wilmette)


a.        Map police stations, fire stations, nearest hospitals MapPoliceHospitals.doc or MapPoliceHospitals.pdf

b.      Map interesting and/or historic locations. MapHistoricLocations.doc and MapHistoricLocations.pdf

c.       Map government buildings (village hall, repair department, parks department, etc) MapGovBuildings.doc and MapGovBuildings.pdf

       1) Add the location of the parks: BicycleMapWithParks.pdf

d.      Create a chart of government for the Village of Wilmette. ChartWilmetteGov.pdf

       1). Government and it's organization: WilmetteGovernment.doc or WilmetteGovernment.pdf

e.       Discuss all this with your counselor.

f.        One kind of map Wilmette NE - mapNE.gif,   Wilmette NW - mapNW.gif ,   Wilmette SE - mapSE.gifWilmette SW - mapSW.gif

g.       Another kind: Wilmette County and State Roads

3.      Attend meeting in the Village where you live (Wilmette, Evanston, etc.) Scout shirt REQUIRED.

a.       http://www.wilmette.com/calendar/

b.      Place: 1200 Wilmette Ave, Corner of Central and Wilmette, Time: 7:30PM, on Tuesday

c.       Obtain a copy of the Village Meeting Agenda to show your counselor.

d.      Discuss the issues involved with your counselor.

e.       Debate Form for taking Notes: VillageMeetingRpt.doc and VillageMeetingRpt.pdf

f.    Example of a power point presentation Powerpoint by DavidSeitz

4. Select an issue important to you.

           a.   What branch or department of government is responsible for your issue

           b.    Interview a responsible person.

           c.    Discuss what you learned with your counselor.

5.      Movie we will select one, watch it and discuss it.

Vote for one movie (both the same): MovieChoices.doc or MovieChoices.pdfList services in your community funded by taxpayers

6. List some of the services (such as the library, recreation center, public transportation, and public safety)
    your community provides that are funded by taxpayers.
           a.  Tell your counselor why these services are important to your community.

7. Choose a charitable organization

           a.   Research it.

          b.   Perform 8 hours of service. Be sure to have your Volunteer-Receipt signed and give it to your counselor.

           c.   Opportunities to Serve: CinCVolunteer.doc and CinCVolunteer.pdf

           d.   List of services to the homeless in Evanston EvanstonShelterSoup.pdf 

  1. Develop a presentation of important or unique aspects of Wilmette, ideas may include:

Another example can be seen by viewing the following: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9pUbYFFHx8

a.       Make presentation in MS-PowerPoint (or another presentation software) and show it to your counselor.

b.      Make a poster (like in science class), put photos and signs it.  Explain the meaning.  Click to see example

c.       Make a short movie with voice and title presentation.