Photography Merit Badge

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Updated Date: May 16, 2011
Boy Scout Troop 9, Wilmette
Steven Bucksbaum, Merit Badge Counselor

A summary of requirements for the Photography Merit Badge
Requirements Work Sheet:  Photography.pdf
The Answers to the questions on the worksheet

Taken from the Photography MB Book:
 Req. Description and The Answers to the Questions
1. Explain how the following elements and terms affect the quality of a picture
a. Light - Natural Light/Ambient
b. Exposure aperture (f-stop)
    Shutter speed
    Depth of Field
c. Composition - rule of thirds
    Leading lines
d. Angle of View
e. Stopping Action
2. Explain the basic parts and operation of a film or digital camera
Explain how an exposure is made when you take a picture
3.  Discuss the difference between a film camera and a digital camera
List 5 advantages of each
List 5 disadvantages of each
4. Do One:
1. Produce a picture story -- 12 images
2. Create a photo display of a topic that interests you.-- 20 images

Photos from your photography class in school
Photos from a trip, either a Scout or family trip will do.
Pick a flower, take a photo every hour from dawn to dusk.
A day with your friends, from the start to the end.

5. Discuss with your counselor career opportunities in photography